Bees entering bee hive opening

Custom Bee Hives

When you want more than just a beehive for your backyard

Our custom hive is a great way to have a feature that not only looks good but can produce your own tasty honey.

Our custom hives can be built to any theme you are after. Some of the styles that we have already built include a paper barked clad fairy garden, classy mabu clad hives and the “old fishing shack”.

Bee hive

Built to last and produce quality honey

All our custom hives are built with the use of Bluebees Boards. We have personally found them to be invaluable in the fight against Small Back Hive Beatle. They also increase the ventilation in the hive which has been proven to increase the yield of honey produced but also the health of the bees in the hive.

Fairy garden themed bee hive

Easy-access custom hives

We also make our custom hives as AZ style with our own twist so we can use the more common Langstroth style frames. This allows the hive to be wheelchair accessible, or for those of us with bad knees, able to sit down while harvesting from the back of the hive. Working from the back of the hive without pulling the hive apart keeps the bees quieter while reducing the need to lift up to 30 to 40 kg.

The old fishing shack themed bee hive made by Goodwood Produce

Built so you can see your bees in action

Another option we have for the hives is backplates (that can be removed for harvesting) that go in the back of the hive so the door can be opened for viewing the bees without them being able to come out. This is a great way to let kids get close to the bees and see the inner workings of a hive without the high risk of being stung.

Let's discuss your custom-themed bee hive

Let us know what you would like to see in a custom-built hive, and we can build it for you. Our future plans include the multi-coloured beach change rooms and the Aussie dunny with a red back spider or red-bellied black snake.

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