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Honey Uses

Use our top-quality honey products in all areas of life

  • Replacing Sugar: Use ½ cup honey for ½ cup of sugar but for more than a cup of sugar use ⅔ cup of raw honey to sugar. Remember to lower the liquids in the recipe to make up for the extra liquid from the honey.
  • Healthy Living: Honey has a lot of antibacterial properties but when mixed with other ingredients, it makes for a powerful immune booster and can knock out a strong flu. Check out the Golden Honey Recipe for how to make it today. This recipe also assists in reducing inflammation.
  • Entertaining: An entertaining favourite and one we highly recommend trying is our honeycomb & camembert cheese on crackers.
  • Wound Care: Good quality raw honey has been used for hundreds of years to treat wounds and now, with the knowledge of MGO honey, we can treat even severe wounds and infections.
  • Beeswax Products: Beeswax can be used in many products such as wraps, creams and candles, to name a few. Don't want to make your own Beeswax Wrap?
  • Gummy Bees: Make your own Gummy Bees that have many benefits by coating your mouth and throat with honey to help fight against colds, chest infections and mouth ulcers.
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Embark on a journey of pure, natural beauty where MGO honey and camel milk unite to create skincare magic.