Close up of rich, golden honeycomb

Why choose our honey

Delicious honey from the coast and farm

Producing from our two main bee sites

Goodwood Produce has two main bee sites. One at the coastal town of Woodgate producing our limited but very delicious Goodwood Coastal Honey. The other, at the farm at Goodwood, produces honey from an array of seasonally changing flavours. This site produces our Goodwood Mixed Blossom Honey and our remarkable MGO Honey.

Beekeeper removes frame from the bee hive

Our love for bees and what they provide

All at Goodwood Produce have an immense appreciation for bees and what they bring to this world. This desire to nurture our bees has led to how and when we extract the honey. We often joke about being able to name all our bees but even though we can’t, we still treat them as if they are our pets.

Close up of bee pollinating flowers in field

We strive to give the bees the utmost respect by only taking honey from them when they have 100% capped the frame. THIS IS THE BEES’ SEAL OF APPROVAL. We will not extract when the weather outlook shows that they may need the honey for themselves, as in long periods of rain or drought. Furthermore, we are very conservative on what we do take to leave the hive with enough honey to get through unforeseen tough times.

“We also DO NOT use any heat in our process of extracting. Not even a hot knife is used on our honey as we believe strongly that any heat will downgrade the quality of the product and disrespect our beloved pets and customers.”

The Goodwood Produce no-heat guarantee

Our extraction process

Our extraction process is simple (KISS):

  1. Honeycomb is cut from a frame leaving a starter foundation
  2. The comb drops into collection tubs for transport to the extraction room
  3. The comb is hand-pressed (or cold-pressed when dealing with larger extractions)
  4. The honey is then fine filtered and placed in a bulk container for later bottling, and the wax is washed and placed in a solar oven for refining.
  5. Raw honey straight from the hive is passed through a filter and bottled ready for you.

This gives our customers unadulterated raw honey with all the health benefits that the bees strived to collect.

Sadly, due to COVID, we can no longer accommodate BYO containers.

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Embark on a journey of pure, natural beauty where MGO honey and camel milk unite to create skincare magic.