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Natural and Organic Skincare Products

Goodwood Produce has been working closely with a local master soap maker, and we have created a unique range of skin care products; keeping it 100% natural using camel milk and our own MGO 300+ honey.

Disclaimer: Before you try any skin care product, we ALWAYS recommend doing a patch test, on a small section of your skin, to ensure you don’t have a reaction. (A reaction is a risk with any new skincare products).

Goodwood Produce's 3 types of camel milk and MGO honey soap

Hand made soaps

Our camel milk and MGO honey soap range is a great way to look after your skin on a daily basis. Tips for using:

  • Being 100% natural, keep the soap bar in a dry place when not in use. We recommend buying a soap keeper or container to store soap after use.
  • For best results when using our soap range, wet yourself down then step out (turn the water off to save water) lather yourself up with the bar, take your time, this will let the soap sink into your skin and really bring out the best results. Then simply wash off.
Goodwood Produce's camel milk and MGO honey soap
  • Our gluten-free bar has no added gluten but has been made in the same lab as gluten products and is recommended that you test on a small patch of skin 1st and if you react, stop using it immediately.
  • With the biochar soap, it can leave a black residue in the shower. So, we recommend making sure you rinse down the shower after use.
Goodwood Produce's gluten-free camel milk and MGO honey soap

Our organic and handmade camel milk and MGO honey soap range:

Camel Milk and MGO Honey

  • This is our standard camel milk and MGO honey soap that is perfect for everyday use.

Camel Milk and MGO Honey (gluten-free)

  • This is our gluten-free bar that is perfect for people who have a gluten intolerance or would prefer coconut milk instead of oat milk in their soap.
Goodwood Produce's biochar camel milk and MGO honey soap

Camel Milk, MGO Honey and Biochar

  • This bar of soap is a wonderful soap that, on top of looking after your skin on a daily basis, will lightly exfoliate your skin, leaving you with beautiful soft skin.

Camel Milk, MGO Honey Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

  • This is the best bar for the man or woman on the go; like miners who are fly-in fly-out that want to just take a bar of soap with them and not worry about having shampoos, conditioners and body wash bottles open in their travel bags.
Goodwood Produce's Camel milk and MGO honey Body wash

Body washes

Our camel milk and MGO honey body wash range:

  • Fruity all-in-one shampoo and body wash
  • Grapefruit, lavender and lime body wash
Goodwood Produce's Camel milk and MGO honey Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoos & conditioners

Our camel milk, MGO honey, coconut and lime shampoos and conditioners are a must-try to rejuvenate your hair, with the added benefit of looking after your scalp in the process. With all ingredients being natural you can look after your hair and your body fuss free.

Goodwood Produce's camel milk and MGO honey coffee scrubs

Coffee scrubs

At Goodwood Produce we have two camel milk & MGO honey coffee scrubs (coconut or mandarin).

Most people only exfoliate their face, but at Goodwood Produce we believe that your body and hands deserve the same respect.

We have formulated a combination of coffee, camel milk, MGO honey and oils that will gently exfoliate, moisturise and nourish your skin leaving it feeling fresh, rejuvenated and healthier looking. Our coconut coffee scrub is a softer exfoliant whereas the mandarin coffee scrub, with its citrus smell, is a heavier exfoliant which can bring life back into the roughest of hands.

Goodwood Produce's camel milk, MGO honey, lemon and tea tree hand wash

Hand wash

Our camel milk, MGO honey, lemon and tea tree hand wash will leave your hands not only smelling nice and clean but it will also nourish your skin at the same time, making it a pleasure to wash your hands.

Goodwood Produce's MGO honey lip balm

Lip balms

With the choice of three different lip balms, whichever one you chose your lips will thank you. We have two lip balm sticks using our MGO honey. A natural flavour which has no added flavouring and a strawberry-flavoured that come in 7g sticks. Or try our nut-free lip balm that uses camel milk and our MGO honey (12mL tube).

“I am LOVING your lip balm! I have super sensitive skin and have had no issues with reactions after using your lip balm (strawberry and the natural) for a week. It has even helped to heal my son’s wind-burnt lips, nearly over night! Thank you!”

Cally Nielsen - Facebook
Goodwood Produce's MGO honey Body Mist

Eucalyptus & lemongrass body mist

Our body mist is refreshing, calming and grounding. This uplifting body mist is infused with a selection of organic essential oils to leave you skin smelling beautiful while revitalizing and elevating the senses. We have added Goodwood Produce's MGO 300+ honey into the mist which leaves your skin also feeling smooth, soft and nourished.

“Over the weekend I’ve been using your body mist . Apart from smelling beautiful, it’s feels so light on your skin not greasy and the other extra benefit was it kept the sand flies and mozzies away . Great product guys thank you”

Karen Blanch - Facebook
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Embark on a journey of pure, natural beauty where MGO honey and camel milk unite to create skincare magic.