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Kylie using bee smoker prior to opening bee hive

Kylie Robertshaw

Owner of the Goodwood Produce and loving mum of 6 Children. I use my keen organisational skills coupled with a drive for perfection, in making the business run smoothly and keeping a keen eye on the quality of any product Goodwood Produce has to offer. I love working with the bees and coming up with new or better products. Working hard to turn our little farm into an ‘edible property’ with fruit trees, vegetable and flower gardens, and pasture cover to ensure flowering at all times of the year, to keep the bees and family well-fed and happy, is also very rewarding.

Will with open bee hive

Will Robertshaw

After serving 7½ years in the navy, I was injured, leading me to rethink my life. Luckily, I met my wife Kylie and together we fell in love with the newfound hobby of beekeeping. My years as an engineer brings value to the business by helping with new hives designs and improved ways to harvest the honey. I also worked at a local Bundaberg business called Itag Media, honing my skills to keep you up to date with the Bee Diary.

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Judy Robertshaw

I married John when we were both Uni students, in 1979. Grandmother (alias Nanny); teacher for over 40 years, specialising in Special Education; advocate for Reading to Young Children; and an avid birdwatcher. My editing skills are appreciated by the team. I love the role of wingman to my family and am now excited to support the team in the amazing beekeeping experience. I enjoy crafts and am working to provide creative input with bee-themed arts and crafts including the popular designer hives for backyard enthusiasts and people with disabilities.

Judy John Profile image 540x440

John Robertshaw

John Robertshaw: alias ‘Johnny the Grandfather’, ex-born-again rabbit-killer who cut his teeth on dingo scats. (Research Scientist for 20 years.) I love solving problems, even if others don’t see the problem. The “big picture” is important to me. Listening to anecdotes and pursuing the real facts is part of my nature. I resigned from my only permanent research job when they told me to use corrupted data. I fell in love with rugby union until they killed the game. Now bees are an important passion in my life (married for over 40 years) and dabbling in skills important to keeping bees: carpenter, inventor, scrounger, botanist, nutritionist, entomologist, doctor, record keeper, marketer and IT guru. I have the people skills of any ASD person so when talking about a passion, I don’t know when to stop. You will get an honest, long-winded answer drawing you further into the world of bees.

Sadly after writing this BIO, Johnny passed away. But Goodwood Produce would not be here, nor be the way it is, without him. This is why his BIO remains here. Johnny didn’t see his last pet project, "the apitherapy room", completed. We will name it in honour of Johnny and his love for his grandchildren. "Johnny's Apple Fairy Room", as his three-year-old granddaughter, Mel, called it.

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