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Our MGO Honey Products

Delicious raw honey and medical-grade MGO honey products produced in Queensland by our family-run business

Raw Honey & Medical-Grade Honey

Our heat-free, delicious honey is produced on our family-owned and run Queensland properties. We proudly produce raw honey for everyday use and medical-grade MGO honey that's tested annually by the University of Sunshine Coast.

Family-run business passionate about honey
Raw, unheated honey for daily & medical use
Medical honey certified yearly by USC University
Honey and honeycomb on cheese platter

Raw Honey

Our raw, straight-from-the-hive honey is produced from an array of seasonally changing flowers. We also ensure no heat is used in the extraction process, not even a hot knife, to ensure top-quality products.

Medical grade honey in bottles and tubs on wooden tubs

MGO Honey

Our MGO honey is produced locally in Goodwood and tested annually by the University of Sunshine Coast (USC), providing honey to improve your immune system and other medical uses.

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Embark on a journey of pure, natural beauty where MGO honey and camel milk unite to create skincare magic.