Custom Fishing Shack hive - by Goodwood Produce

Custom hive - Fishing Shack


Custom hive dubbed “Fishing Shack”. Built to the theme of beach living and a relaxed fishing lifestyle.


Judy Robertshaw

Lead builder

Will Robertshaw

Lead customisation and accessorising co-ordination

Judy Robertshaw


Woodgate QLD

Inspiration given by the customer for the custom hive.

Request From Customer

would like a little old fishing shack as a bee hive to fit the theme of our house and the lifestyle of living in the little beachside town of Woodgate (provided an image of a garden ornament for inspiration. See image below). The key features requested by the customer, for the hive were: Painted green weatherboard with metal roof and rustic verandah. A pelican, boat, tank stand, fish cleaning sink and the use of as many recycled materials as possible. Lastly, they wanted a 2 high box: one brood and one super. (Normally, our custom hives have one brood and two supers built-in. All our custom hives come with a Blue Bee Base Board.

custom fishing shack beehive

Breakdown of recycled items

  • The roof is made from old garden edging

  • Facia boards reshaped wood offcuts

  • Gutters from old garden irrigation hose

  • Wall cladding from old wooden blinds

  • Windows from old picture frames

  • Door, boat, oars & fishing rod made from old garden sleeper

  • Rails & pillars from old broken baby gate

  • Sink is from an old carburettor (tapwear is garden irrigation fitting)

custom fishing shack beehive
  • Tank (this side) stubbie cooler

  • Tank (out of view) old milo tin

  • Deck, tank stands & sink stand are made from old bee frames

  • Sign above door was a drink coaster

  • Life rings covered wooden curtain rings

  • Ship’s bell was from an old garden ornament

  • Potbelly fire on verandah is an old cotton reel and garden irrigation hose fittings.

  • Then there are lots of repurposed odds and ends used for other accessories.

hand made pelican for custom hive

Now let's talk about that Pelican. After a long time of looking through shops and online, nothing I could find were either too big or too small, nothing was just right. That is when during the night, I woke up to an idea and said

hand made pelican for custom hive

“ Why don't I just make one, it can’t be that hard”. So the next day I set out with a goal and gave my idea a crack, and this was the result of the first go.

And as you can guess, this did not turn out the way I had it in my head so back out to the shed I went.

Final pelican made for custom hive

After some adjustments to scale, I had a result worthy of the fishing shack beehive that you now see proudly sitting ready to oversee the bees working. Here is an image of the pelican nearly ready to be painted. The boat and oars followed a similar process.

I hope you have liked this quick overview of the making of the “Fishing Shack”. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see or have a custom-built hive idea of your own, then contact us here at Goodwood Produce today.

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