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Why Age MGO Honey: Unveiling the Art of Maturation and Health Benefits

In the realm of honey connoisseurs, the concept of aging honey has transcended mere tradition to become a nuanced art. When it comes to MGO honey, or honey rich in Methylglyoxal, the aging process takes on additional significance, promising a sensory delight and potential health benefits. Let's delve into the fascinating world of why aging MGO honey is more than a matter of time—it's a deliberate step towards enhancing its profile and unlocking its wellness potential.

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The Maturation Journey

  1. MGO Enrichment: While honey, in general, matures naturally, MGO honey, derived from certain types of Leptospermum plants, can undergo a unique enhancement during the aging process. Studies suggest that MGO levels may continue to rise over time, contributing to the honey's renowned antibacterial properties. You can look deeper into MGO, DHA and HMF and how they all work in our blog "MGO vs UMF - what does it all mean?"
  2. Flavour Symphony: As MGO honey ages, its flavour profile matures like a fine wine. The raw sweetness transforms into a more complex symphony of flavours, offering a richer and more nuanced taste experience. The floral notes become more pronounced, providing a delightful treat for the palate.
  3. Crystallisation Alchemy: Aging plays a role in honey's natural crystallisation process. Far from being a flaw, crystallisation is a sign of authenticity and can be preferred by those who enjoy the unique texture and spreadability of crystallised honey. To better understand crystallised honey, read our blog: Embracing Crystallised Honey: A Natural and Delicious Phenomenon.
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Health Benefits Unveiled

  1. Antibacterial Powerhouse: MGO is a crucial compound responsible for the antibacterial potency of certain honeys, especially Manuka honey. Aging may contribute to amplifying this antibacterial power, enhancing the honey's ability to combat microbes and support overall health.
  2. Antioxidant Formation: Over time, honey can develop additional antioxidants through aging. These antioxidants are crucial in neutralising free radicals in the body, contributing to overall well-being.
  3. Digestive Support:MGO honey has been associated with digestive health benefits. The aging process may further enhance these properties, making the honey a potential ally for digestive comfort.
  4. Wound Healing Properties: MGO honey has been used traditionally for its wound-healing properties. The maturation of honey may contribute to developing compounds that aid in the healing process.

Making the Most of Aged MGO Honey

When considering the benefits of aging MGO honey, choosing honey from reputable sources that emphasise natural and ethical beekeeping practices is essential. The terroir, or the environmental factors influencing the honey's characteristics, also plays a crucial role.

So, why age MGO honey? It's a journey into the heart of honey's transformative nature—exploring flavours, textures, and potential health benefits that unfold with time. As you savour each spoonful of aged MGO honey, you're not just indulging in a culinary experience; you're partaking in a time-honoured tradition that spans both palate and well-being. Shop MGO honey at Goodwood Produce.

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